LAMETTE makes exclusive and unique jewelry in precious metals and precious stones of the best quality craftsmanship.


Every piece is handmade in Sweden.



LAMETTE is Lamia and Anette. Lamia Saab Amundsen och Anette Heymann took the long road to reach their passion. They are jewelry designers and jewelers who love making new creative jewelry using traditional methods. It was our love for playful creation and precious metal sculpting that got us in the field. Through years of theater, language studies and art school. And a lot of hard work!
When we decided to join forces we found that our different personalities provided a creative environment to work in. We get a lot of our inspiration from our travels and the people we encounter. We fill our workdays with playful creativity which gives our jewelry its personal touch. We care about the environment and our hand-made jewelry is produced in an environmentally sound process.
Every piece is handmade in Sweden. We make  small collections of high-end jewelry with a twist in our design studio and workshop in Stockholm. To the extent possible, we use only fair trade materials. We do our best to use ethically mined and produced metals and stones. Make sure to look for our logo and the green dot on our jewelry! It guarantees transparency.